Mark Mansfield

Mark Mansfield has Hypnotherapy practices in Cardiff and Carmarthen. Mark is a qualified and experienced hypnotherapist and officially licensed Hypno-Band practitioner.


-Weight Loss -Stop Smoking -Stress Management -Fear and Anxiety -IBS -Confidence Boost


Hypno-Band is the original and most widely used gastric band hypnotherapy system in the UK and can help your change your eating habits forever.


I would not hesitate to revisit Mark in the future and to recommend him highly to any friends. I think services such as this should be available via the NHS


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Hypnotherapy enables clients to become more relaxed, confident, fulfilled, motivated and empowered to live their lives the way they want to.


Hypno-Band is the original and most widely used gastric band hypnotherapy system in the UK and can help your change your eating habits forever.

Mind Therapy

The main  aim of hypnotherapy is to bring about beneficial changes to individual or interlinked problems or issues which have their origins in the mind.

Cardiff Hypnosis

Since establishing his practices in South and West Wales, Mark has helped hundreds of clients overcome their problems and achieve their goals with his Cardiff hypnosis sessions. 

Mark Mansfield

From his offices in Cardiff and Carmarthen, Mark can help with a wide range of problems including managing stress and anxiety, conquering fears and phobias, controlling panic attacks, relieving IBS, quitting smoking, losing weight, boosting confidence, controlling pain, beating insomnia, improving sports and exam performance and much, much more. Mark can help you get to the root of what's causing you to feel anxious, worried or fearful, and understand how to make dramatic improvements in your life.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me for more information or a free telephone consultation.

Weight loss

Mark offers a few different approaches for clients seeking to lose weight. For example, those with a BMI in excess of 30 the Hypno-Band programme is very effective in aiding weight loss and maintaining that consistently over a long period of time. read more

Stop Smoking

Stop smoking therapy consists of one session of between 90 minutes and two hour. The session enables you to gain a new insight into your reasons for smoking and will also boost your confidence and belief, and motivate you to achieve your goals. read more

Manage Stress

Stress can directly affect your health and sleep patterns and impact on many other areas of your personal life and the lives of those around you. Imagine a total release from stress without losing focus of the important things in life… including work! read more

Fears and Anxiety

Anxiety attacks, anger, obsessive thoughts, fear of spiders, snakes, flying, even social situations or public speaking? Hypnotherapy can free your mind of the negative beliefs that hold you in fear and limit your life. read more

Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Hypnotherapy is recommended by the NHS as treatment for Irritable Bowel Syndrome. By helping you reduce stress and manage the discomfort it can provide lasting relief, even for severe symptoms of IBS. read more

Confidence Booster

Most people will experience the loss of confidence at some point in their life. There could be any number of reasons why the loss of confidence, self-esteem and self-belief impact on your ability to think positively about yourself. read more

Hypnotherapy offers a fantastic opportunity for you to change negative habits, develop inner strengths and new abilities and overcome the self-defeating feelings that have been blocking your progress in the past.

"I am a singer who lacked confidence and suffered a big amount of anxiety in simple every day situations. I started having confidence sessions with Mark in November 2012 and have seen a big difference in myself in a number of ways. I now think differently, in a more positive and happy way and no longer worry about the silly things! As for my stage fright, this have improved dramatically, I am now looking forward to every performance with my new found self belief and confidence."

− Emily Evans, Singer

"I would not hesitate to revisit Mark in the future and to recommend him highly to any friends. I think services such as this should be available via the NHS"

− Suzanne Pointing

"I undertook hypnotherapy initially as I was experiencing panic attacks. Following a few sessions with Mark it became apparent that this was due to lack of confidence and self esteem. I can only express my sincere gratitude to Mark and the hypnotherapy process as since attending six sessions, I feel like a completely different person. The change in me has also been noted by family and friends. Would definitely recommend."

− Sarah Finlay

"This is the best money I've ever spent. I went to Mark in the hope of changing my attitude to food as much as to lose weight, and succeeded on both counts. I was reasonably sceptical about hypnosis but my steady weight loss and drastically changed eating habits seem to have happened with barely any effort on my part. I feel that within a few short weeks I have made incredible changes which will be sustainable for the rest of my life. A lifelong chocoholic, I gave it up overnight and don't miss it; my previous portion sizes now seem obscene, and my habit of rushing my food is gone for good. I feel calm and in control of my eating, which was my primary aim."

− Anna Cartwright

"I saw Mark for an agreed number of sessions, to address a longstanding anxiety/phobia. Mark helped me get to the core of the problem and then guided me through the steps to deal with it. I have come away with a greater knowledge of myself and have, with Mark's help, been able to confront my fears and lead a much more normal life, less inhibited by my anxiety. Mark is insightful and astute, with a warm personality: his methods are client-centred and you feel that he is giving you all his attention and has a genuine interest in you and how to assist you in solving your problems."

− Ann Rees

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