After researching hypnotherapists in Cardiff I got in contact with Mark to see if he could help me with my anxiety issues that were starting to control my life. From the very 1st call/ meeting I had with Mark to discuss my problems I felt very comfortable, at ease and there was someone who could help me. I had 6 sessions of hypnotherapy with Mark and with those came audio files to listen to and material to read. The anxiety that was starting to control my life has gone. I do and would recommend Mark. Thank You Mark.
Sarah – Cardiff

We went to Mark as a last resort when my 11 yr old daughter was struggling with anxiety issues relating to her Sports training. I can not emphasise what a difference he has made (along with thankfully a very supportive coach) to her confidence, performance and all round happiness. I would highly recommend Mark, we just wish we had found him earlier, it would have saved my daughter from a lot of tears and sleepless nights.
Zoe – Carmarthenshire

Mark was a lot of help for me and I Look at FOOD IN a different way now, with no pressure in the time to loss weight. Will miss the meetings as it was” my time”. Will sure keep in touch for support. Thank you Mark. Diolch yn Fawr.
Catrin – Carmarthenshire

I went to see Mark with confidence and self belief issues, from the very first session I felt much better and this continued throughout my sessions. I felt comfortable and ease with Mark and found him very easy to talk to. Would definitely recommend to others.
Maria – Pembrokeshire

Speaking to Mark has been a huge help in allowing me to control anxiety issues and I only wish I had contacted him earlier. He is extremely professional and a great guy to boot. He tailored a series of sessions to suit my particular needs and his contribution has been immeasurable. Even though I do not live in the UK, I have been able to schedule my sessions with mark via Skype which has been very helpful. I’d highly recommend his services.
Peter – Cardiff

I would have no hesitation recommending Mark to others. His help has enabled me to manage my stress and anxiety to such an extent, that I’m happier and feel far more in control of my emotions. Mark is extremely personable, and takes a genuine interest in helping you.
Mark A – Caerphilly

If you are considering hypnotherapy then Mark is just the right person, his professional and relaxed approach enables you to quickly see results. I can honestly say this is the best money I’ve ever invested in myself. As a result of Mark’s course of hypnotherapy I now feel more confident and able to tackle life’s challenges.

Kim Jones – Cardigan

I came across Mark at a particularly difficult period in my life. I immediately felt comfortable in talking to Mark and had no hesitation in signing up to a course of six sessions. At no time did I feel rushed in telling Mark about myself and on the contrary our sessions would frequently overrun. My issues included anxiety, anger and low self-esteem. Mark was quickly able to identify the causes of my unhappiness and summarised in a nutshell what we needed to achieve – for me to ‘calm down’! As the weeks went by I increasing began to feel significantly better in and about myself. Although I will miss our fortnightly sessions I believe that I am now in a position to deal with my issues and move forward with confidence in the future. I have no hesitation in recommending both the therapeutic benefits of hypnosis and Mark Mansfield as an excellent therapist.

Will E – Llanelli

Mark is a grounded and grounding force. He is welcoming, warm and friendly, but that doesn’t mean he he takes his work lightly. The process was often hard and challenging… I had a lot to face up to… but the results have been so wonderful, and I am so thankful for all of Mark’s help. Mark is a wonder.

Beki Price, Aberystwyth

I went to see Mark about two years ago now to see if he could help me with my fear about flying. Although I live abroad and have to travel a lot I had got to a stage where I always dreaded travelling because my fear was gradually getting worse. I only had one session with Mark due to time limitations but even after just this (and listening to his MP3 recordings that he sent to me) I noticed that my discomfort was a lot less when I next got in a plane and since then it seems that every time I fly I am more and more comfortable, as if I am gradually building up positive associations with flight. I now actually quite look forward to flying as I have learnt to see it as a time where I can rest and switch off from normal work etc.

I have been on a few turbulent flights and start to get a bit concerned but I always carry his recordings on my phone and once I start listening to them I start to get much more relaxed and have even fallen asleep sometimes. I would definitely recommend Mark to anyone interested in hypnotherapy. The experience of hypnosis was a bit different to how I had imagined it would be, for example, I did not completely lose awareness of what was going on and then suddenly wake up, but just became more relaxed as I listened to him talking to me with my eyes closed and started imagining the scenarios he was describing.


After almost eighteen years of being overweight and feeling ugly and disgusted by myself, I decided that I had had enough of the yo-yo dieting, false New Year resolutions and empty promises of “I will lose weight… I’ll start tomorrow” and so decided that the only way forward was to opt for gastric band surgery. My research began and it became apparent very quickly that apart from the surgery being extremely invasive, having a long recovery period and not always being successful, it was also horrendously expensive. Immediately I felt despondent and fragile and reached for my comfort blanket-chocolate. So, chocolate bar in hand, I continued to Google gastric band surgery feeling more and more desperate and this was how I literally stumbled across Hypno-Band therapy and hence Mark Mansfield.

With renewed vigour, my research began again, reading as many reviews of Mark Mansfield and Hypno-Band therapy as I could (this being the reason my review is extensive, in the hope that people considering contacting Mark will find it beneficial and enlightening). After much deliberation, I decided to contact Mark. During our initial telephone conversation, Mark asked me lots of questions and then listened carefully to my answers, immediately showing a genuine interest in me as an individual. Following a lengthy conversation, we arranged to meet for the first session the following week.

Although initially anxious, within just a short while of meeting and talking with Mark, I was very relaxed and comfortable and began speaking freely regarding issues surrounding my eating patterns and weight. Mark has a very calm and relaxed demeanor, which instantaneously makes you feel at ease.

During this first session, I never once felt judged or ridiculed and Mark explained in detail the Hypno-Band therapy process and what would ensue in the forthcoming sessions. I left this session feeling hopeful for the first time in many years that this might actually work. Mark had provided me with a pack of information to read, a CD to listen to at home in order to reinforce the first hypnotherapy session and most importantly, the tools to begin changing my eating habits. I immediately began to follow his advice and listened to the CD (which I downloaded onto my iPhone) as often as I could.

My next session with Mark was two weeks later. Following Mark’s advice I did not weigh myself until the morning of my second appointment. I can honestly say that I didn’t feel as though I had lost any weight and stepped onto the scales with much trepidation. The moment of truth – I stepped onto the scales and then got off again, picked the scales up and moved them and then got on again. I actually did this three or four times before staring unbelievably at the display that indicated I had lost 9lb! Quite bizarrely, I did not feel particularly happy by my loss of weight (Mark was actually happier than I was!), I don’t think I believed it and thought it was just an anomaly and would probably do what I normally did when on a diet-celebrated my loss and then consequently put weight on the following week. However, this was not the case.

During the following weeks and sessions with Mark, I continued to lose weight. Some weeks more than others, but I was still losing not gaining weight.

Mark was extremely insightful, kind and patient during these sessions, especially when life threw in a couple of fairly traumatic events to deal with too. Mark helped me to identify various aspects of my life that need to change in order to avoid my usual chocolate comfort eating, which as Mark states, makes the problem worse not better.

OK, so where am I now. I have had my Hypno-Band fitted and have completed my sessions with Mark. At present, I have lost two stone of the five that I want to lose. I am most definitely not on a diet, but have changed what and why I eat. Not everyday is easy, but I think about what Mark has taught me, often hearing his voice in my head when I am tempted to eat for the wrong reasons (this is a little weird at times, but also strangely comforting!). I am becoming more confident and feel more and more positive with each day that passes. I am addressing the areas of my life that require attention and dealing with those that make me unhappy. I most certainly could not have started this journey, which is now so much more than just losing weight without Mark’s support and sagaciousness.

Mark is a truly genuine professional who has immensely enriched my life in such a short space of time. Thank you just isn’t enough.

Lesley, Haverfordwest

Mark is a great bloke, so down to earth, that put me at ease straight away. I went for the hypnoband. It’s been ten weeks and I’ve lost 21lbs. To most people that are desperate to lose weight, that might not seem much, let’s be honest, we all want to lose 4,5,6, or even 7 lbs a week!!!!!!! We are so impatient and fed up, we starve, don’t lose the weight that we want, then we binge to cheer ourselves up only to be wracked with guilt and sadness because we’ve spoilt yet ANOTHER diet!! Or, lose a stack of weight only to put it all and more back on again!!! Sound familiar?? Well, that’s my life story. I wanted to change my eating habits, I didn’t want to follow a diet, I wanted to cook the same meals for all the family not single myself out and eat differently. Noww we all eat the same, only my portions are a lot smaller, before, I was able to eat chocolate by the ton!! I didn’t touch chocolate for the first six weeks as I had no craving at all for it, now I’ve probably only eaten approx 4 small cubes in 10 weeks, I can honestly take it or leave it. I don’t obsess about food anymore, and I’m happy to say that I am still losing a pound a week. I’m not dieting, starving or counting cals, points etc…. L am leading a ,”normal” life, now that’s exactly what l wanted, not to spend the rest of my life being dominated by food. Mark will be there for you all the way, a no nonsence approach and he will make you feel at ease. Thanks Mark for everything.

Janet Davies, Ammanford

Simply put, Mark is an incredible hypnotherapist who just knows what you’re going through . He helped me over a six week period to overcome a problem of social anxiety, particularly speaking in groups, as well as public speaking. His ability to first break things down by showing how irrational my thoughts were was perfectly complemented by the hypnotherapy that followed. My life has now improved significantly and I now LOOK FORWARD to social situations. I cannot recommend Mark highly enough, one of the friendliest people I’ve ever met with a genuine desire to help

Sean Parker, Cardiff

I have recently completed the Hypno band therapy with Mark and from the very first session felt on track to lose weight and supported all the way by Mark. In addition to the actual hypnotherapy he offered really useful suggestions. I now feel able to continue with my weight loss (current loss from start of therapy = 2 stone) on my own and have a new outlook and response to food. Lifestyle change rather than a diet.

Gwen Horne, Pembroke

I sought Mark’s help to quit smoking.
When I left his treatment room, I was thinking to myself “What have I done ? I have just spent two hours in there, handed over my money and don’t feel any different to when I walked in”
But…d’you know what ? I haven’t smoked since.

John Duggan, Pembrokeshire

I have lost well over two stone, and am feeling great. It’s a really simple process and CD’s also help back up the sessions. Mark is able to identify what your triggers are, help you understand them and implement an easy programme that sees the weight fall off- forever!

Rachel E​,​ Llandovery

I saw Mark for IBS which was caused by anxiety. I always felt completely at ease with Mark and I miss my sessions with him just because he is a really nice guy. I learnt an awful lot about myself when I was having sessions with Mark and he has the ability to draw out information unobtrusively. He really helped me put everything into perspective. He always went away and thought a lot about what you told him week to week and would then tweak what he was going to do in that session when we had discussed what would both thought would be best. Also getting CD’s with sessions on to take home are a fabulous idea and very helpful.

Mark is a really lovely man who is really good at his job. He made me feel completely relaxed from the moment I first met him at my consultation. I always looked forward to seeing Mark as the therapy I received has been extremely helpful. I have not suffered from IBS now since I stopped seeing him. Highly recommended!

Eleanor Pilott, Cardiff

“Great weight loss system- really easy, not painful and works. I had a few sessions and even after the first session the weight started coming off. Mark got to the cause of over eating and summed it up when he said “Eating does not make you happy. When you eat too much you put on weight and that makes you unhappy.” Mark really puts you at ease, is to the point and does not fluff around, he gets the job done and you feel great about it. ”

Rachel, Carmarthenshire

“I have had 6 sessions with Mark, which have transformed my life. His sessions not only give you valuable advice and food for thought but you are given a cd or digital copy of the hypnotherapy session for you to continue your therapy at home to ensure you progress and you get the results you want. Mark has an exceptionally professional approach and designs a tailor made program to ensure you reach your goal. A journey of which you are truly supported throughout.”

Elvena Jones

“After suffering a particularly nasty panic attack (and not for the first time), I was recommended Mark by one of his previous clients, after it coming up in conversation. I put it to the back of mind, assuming that I would ‘fix’ myself, as i’d always done.
I was prescribed anti depressants by my doctor, which disagreed with me completely and I suffered every possible side effect. After 5 days I went back to the doctor and was told ‘there is nothing more I can do for you’.
4 days later I began to feel another attack coming on. Knowing I had Marks number, I made the decision there and then that would turn out to change my life, and I called him.
He was so understanding yet not in the least bit patronising. After speaking to him for around 25 mins I made an appointment, and he even gave me some advice to calm myself down.
I felt instantly at ease with Mark, and ended up looking forward to our sessions.
I have always been an over thinker and worried what people thought of me, which has made me ill over the years. Including being hospitalised twice with stomach ulcers at the age of 23 and again at 25.
Mark has given me the tools in needed to trust and believe in myself and my abilities. He has helped me understand that I cant control what goes on around me but I can certainly control how these things make me feel.
I feel like a huge weight has been lifted, a weight I knew was there but never knew how to deal with.
I honestly can’t thank Mark enough.”

C Stanton, Gorseinon

“I am a singer who lacked confidence and suffered a big amount of anxiety in simple every day situations. I started having confidence sessions with Mark in November 2012 and have seen a big difference in myself in a number of ways. I now think differently, in a more positive and happy way and no longer worry about the silly things! As for my stage fright, this have improved dramatically, I am now looking forward to every performance with my new found self belief and confidence.”

Emily Evans, Singer, Cross Hands

“I heard about Mark after visiting my Dr. I was fed up not being able to go or do anything due to an inner fear. This feeling had started 20 yrs ago and took over my life. My Dr suggested I go to see Mark. I had nothing to lose. I met Mark nearly 2 years ago, I was afraid and very anxious. I had nothing to be afraid of, I took my husband with me and after talking to Mark for 20 mins, I felt I had hope and help at hand. He has helped me so much. I try and think differently about things, the therapy is very relaxing and helps me with my anxiety, confidence, my outlook on life and most of all I don t feel down about myself so much. Mark has helped me and given me the confidence to do things I thought I’d never do in a million years. I have CDs I listen to which help relax me and Mark is always at hand at the end of the phone too. He’s a very nice person to know, a genuine person and very good at what he does. Thanks Mark for all your help.”

Gwendolyn Hallett, Burry Port

“I would not hesitate to revisit Mark in the future and to recommend him highly to any friends. I think services such as this should be available via the NHS”

Suzanne Pointing

“I undertook hypnotherapy initially as I was experiencing panic attacks. Following a few sessions with Mark it became apparent that this was due to lack of confidence and self esteem. I can only express my sincere gratitude to Mark and the hypnotherapy process as since attending six sessions, I feel like a completely different person. The change in me has also been noted by family and friends. Would definitely recommend.”

Sarah Finlay, Narberth

“Despite having real doubts about hypnotherapy, I called Mark after he had been recommended to me by a very “matter of fact” friend who he had helped enormously. Despite describing myself as someone who “just gets on with things.” I had found my ability to deal with the stresses of life and work becoming more difficult. This in turn had stopped the enjoyment of life and grabbing all that it has to offer. Mark and the techniques he has shown me quickly had a profound effect. After the first session my coping strategies improved dramatically even friends and colleagues noticed! Mark’s approach to hypnotherapy was the most impressive. I was very nervous at first but he reassured me that he would simply help me in the same way a mechanic would help you with your car and get you back on the road!!! I cannot recommend Mark enough – The changes in me have been shocking – and I mean in a very good way.”

A Hayes

“This is the best money I’ve ever spent. I went to Mark in the hope of changing my attitude to food as much as to lose weight, and succeeded on both counts. I was reasonably sceptical about hypnosis but my steady weight loss and drastically changed eating habits seem to have happened with barely any effort on my part. I feel that within a few short weeks I have made incredible changes which will be sustainable for the rest of my life. A lifelong chocoholic, I gave it up overnight and don’t miss it; my previous portion sizes now seem obscene, and my habit of rushing my food is gone for good. I feel calm and in control of my eating, which was my primary aim.”

Anna Cartwright, Cardiff

“I saw Mark for an agreed number of sessions, to address a longstanding anxiety/phobia. Mark helped me get to the core of the problem and then guided me through the steps to deal with it. I have come away with a greater knowledge of myself and have, with Mark’s help, been able to confront my fears and lead a much more normal life, less inhibited by my anxiety. Mark is insightful and astute, with a warm personality: his methods are client-centred and you feel that he is giving you all his attention and has a genuine interest in you and how to assist you in solving your problems.”

Ann Rees, Cardiff

“It has taken me a while to write this review for Mark because I really felt I needed to ingest everything that had happened during the course of time I spent with him and also really and truly know that it was a life changing experience that would stay. I have no doubts about Mark only myself in believing that at last I could be and deserved to be helped.
I went to mark after a long telephone conversation with him for hypnotherapy to lose weight. Even on the phone he is amazing, extremely kind and puts you at ease immediately and that is something that is not easy for me as I could not relax at this time.
This is not a miracle cure that happens in a whoosh but it has changed how I think and feel about food for the first time in my life and I am 55! I automatically eat less now and know that it’s ok to leave things when I get the feeling full trigger which I never got before Mark. I also make healthier eating choices and can share food which before I would wait until i was alone to eat them all. My first experience of this was when my son gave me a box of hotel chocolat chocolates for Mother’s Day. I opened them up and passed them around even my three year old grandson got a pick. Now if I have chocolate I don’t really like the taste of it and my intake of fizzy drinks is nominal and that is a massive statement from someone who was a chocoholic and drank at least 3 cans of fizzy stuff a day!
My weight loss is steady my aim is 1lb a week during the weeks I saw mark I lost 2 stone and the weight loss continues. Gone are my days of crazy diets and I know for the first time ever in my life after a unhappy younger life finally that its ok to be me but I want to be a slimmer version. Also I now know I have a choice and my choices are mine and I can make them.
I would recommend mark to anyone he really is the real deal. I truly have been blessed to have met him and thank him from the bottom of my heart for agreeing to take on the mess that I was and helping me. Thank you Mark and God bless you. ( oh kind of cheesy I know but he already did) !”

Sue Cartledge, Carmarthen

“I went to see Mark to try and overcome fear and stress that I always feel when taking planes, which has caused a great deal of discomfort and worry for about ten years. Only had time for one session before taking four flights back home to Brazil, and noticed a huge improvement in my comfort levels, despite some fairly turbulent flights that would have scared me in the past. This time I actually enjoyed the flights and felt very relaxed. Very impressed with the result and highly recommend Mark’s services.”

Jonathan Spottiswoode, Cardiff

“I rang Mark in April 2012 for support with losing weight (hypno-band) and after a long chat on the phone, arranged my first appointment – at that point I had no idea how much help Mark would be in the ensuing months as I dealt with many major changes in my life.
It is only now, in December, that I can look back and write a comprehensive review that will really do him justice, incorporating all strands of support that I have benefited from.
During our first face-to-face session, Mark put me at ease immediately and time flew as we talked about my eating pattern / lifestyle / responsibilities. He listened as I talked – he never judged or criticised – then suggested that I may want to consider how my lifestyle was impacting on my eating habits. I left that first session with a much better understanding of how some small changes and re-prioritisation of what I perceived to be my obligations could have an immediate beneficial effect on my own health and weight. I was juggling a full-time managerial job, caring for my elderly, infirm mother, basically running two house-holds (mine and mum’s) and waiting hand and foot on a husband and son who were both shift-workers. For me, cooking and eating was a hurried affair, slotted in where I had time or where it was most convenient for everyone else. Armed with a Food Diary and a promise to give myself some “me-time”, I was positively buzzing when I left that first session!

I started losing weight immediately – which amazed me! By our second session a fortnight later, I’d lost 7 lbs, which gave my confidence a huge boost. With Mark’s encouragement and the tools / techniques he’d shared with me, I continued a steady weight-loss over the next weeks, in preparation for the fitting of the virtual hypno-band. The CDs Mark gave me re-enforced the messages / advice he gave to me during our face-to-face sessions and if needed, I knew I could ring or e-mail Mark at any time for additional support.

In early May, my mother became seriously ill and was hospitalized, Mark offered to postpone the rest of the sessions while I dealt with this, but as I had been benefiting so much from our sessions, I decided to continue. After fitting the hypno-band, our final session was scheduled in early June – when I attended, Mark offered to devote this session to “coping with stress / relaxation techniques” as my mother’s health was rapidly deteriorating; he had thoughtfully pre-recorded an additional CD for me. He postponed the final Hypno-band session until I felt ready to engage with it – I was very grateful to Mark for the additional support at this time, as I was emotionally in turmoil.

Sadly, my mother died mid-June, I kept in touch with Mark by phone during this period of bereavement, when he continued to offer support and help. I was also told by my employer that my duties would be changing when I returned from bereavement leave – I was to take on additional responsibilities in a larger office (to become sole Manager there) and train a new member of staff to take over duties I was “leaving behind” in a smaller office.

We eventually re-arranged the final Hypno-Band session for early September, when I’d finished sorting out mum’s estate and felt in a better frame of mind to focus on me again – by which time I’d lost two stone and was feeling so much healthier and happier about my appearance.

Unfortunately, in early August I had found a large abdominal “lump”, which was quickly diagnosed as a harmless Fibroid – (but a humungous one – 15cm diameter) in addition to several other smaller ones. I was advised that surgery was the only option to remove it – so by the time I saw Mark for our final hypno-band session, I knew that I faced a major operation (total abdominal hysterectomy) within the near future.

As Mark had helped me so much with the weight-loss programme, I asked him to support me further as I prepared for surgery – I booked and attended 2 further sessions with him during October, focusing on relaxation and exercise – to ensure I was as fit as possible before I “went under the knife”. These sessions helped me enormously – I went into the operation in a calm frame of mind, brimming with positivity.

Interestingly, when my anaesthetist walked me down from the Same-Day Admissions Unit to the Operating Theatre on 7th Dec, he talked to me about deep-breathing techniques and suggested I think about a scene / memory that made me feel calm and happy (he suggested thinking about a beach on a tropical island) – these were all techniques that Mark and I had spoken of during our sessions – and as I succumbed to the anaesthetic, I was totally calm and smiling, with Mark’s / the anaesthetist’s identical words running through my head like stereo headphones!

Well, I’m now nearly 2 weeks post-op – my recovery / the healing process is going well – the doctors were happy to release me from hospital on 9th Dec and apart from being a little “stir-crazy” as I can’t drive, I’m doing ok. I’ve lost another ½ stone – but that was more down to surgery than diet on this occasion!!!

I’m going to continue listening to Mark’s weight-loss CD over the coming weeks to off-set any temptation to over-indulge at Xmas – although my whole relationship with food is very different these days, I can’t do much exercise yet. The exercise bike I bought hasn’t quite turned into a coat-hanger (private joke there!!), but it is a little dusty – I am determined to get back on it as soon as it’s safe to!!!

So, that’s my review – I can’t thank Mark enough for the support and advice he’s given to me during the most traumatic 8 months of my life – he has been there for me during some major life events – death of a loved one, job-change and major surgery! He’s worked with me, at my pace, anticipating my needs and concerns and offering solutions in every case. His calm, “can-do” attitude and the advice he’s given me has been a major influence on my outlook on life – I can’t thank him enough for what he’s done for me.

I highly recommend that if you are thinking about changing your life for the better – whether it’s related to stress, weight-loss and exercise, anxiety or a host of other issues – please give Mark a ring to talk things over and decide the way forward.

Mark, you have been an absolute Rock – thank you!

Jayne Kemsley, Pembroke Dock

“After having a very difficult 5 years, I was struggling. Doctors had prescribed anti depressants, I’d been to counselling, homeopaths…. You name it I’d tried it. I encountered Mark when I went to him to give up smoking (which I did immediately after 1 session) and my partner suggested I see Mark again for anxiety. He helped me find the strength to solve problems and to put everything into perspective. My life hasn’t changed, but my enjoyment of it has a million fold and my ability to deal with adversity is strong. He is very down to earth, straight forward, doesn’t beat around the bush and has a very strong ability to identify your needs.”

Rachel B, Llandovery

“I had been considering trying hypnotherapy for a while, but my anxiety prevented me to begin with, now I am so glad I did. My reason for going was because of a phobia I had, but it also transpired that I had trouble with anxiety in general that affected every aspect of my life. Mark was brilliant, he put me at ease and was able to get to the root of the problem and helped me to overcome it. I can’t recommend him highly enough, he’s taught me relaxation techniques which are fab and I felt rejuvenated after our sessions. Thank you.”

Katy Taylor, Llandysul

“I went to Mark about an eating disorder I’ve had for many years. With his help I managed to start eating new foods and increase my limited diet. I would recommend mark to anyone. Since starting my sessions with mark I’ve had a more positive look on my beating my disorder and also feel a lot more positive in life in general.”

Ben Kendrick, Milford Haven

“After going to Mark for what originally intended to be a way to lose weight, we ended up going through many aspects of my personality which not only provided me with the tools to loose weight (1/2stone so far) but to deal with my anxiety and depression issues (the depression leading me to eat). Mark was friendly, extremely helpful, personable and understanding. Would thoroughly recommend him for ANY issue you may require assistance with.”

Simon Tucker, Carmarthen

“When people have told me they have had ‘a life changing experience’, I have always been very sceptical. However, that is exactly how I would describe my sessions with Mark.
I went to Mark with what I thought was a weight issue. After talking with me in depth, Mark said he thought I did not have a weight issue, so much as an emotional eating problem. He has worked in the issues surrounding my eating and I no longer have the same unhealthy relationship with food. And as an added bonus, I am more confident, have better self esteem and am able to speak up for myself in a positive manner, when needs be.
Mark is the consummate professional, but at the same time, he makes you feel at ease and able to tackle any problem you may have.
I would have no reservations about recommending Mark to anyone and everyone.”

Emma Farrington, Pembroke

“I found my hypnotherapy experience to help me in so many ways. I went to see Mark for the HypnoBand. I don’t have loads to lose, but felt my eating and drinking was out of control and I felt trapped by it. Mark agreed to take me on, even though I wasn’t within the weight limit of his usual HypnoBand clients.
Within the first two sessions I saw that my overeating was due to stress and anxiety. I had always been a nervous person but the last few years had put me into overdrive, being left on my own with two young children and having to make it work.
Mark helped me rationalize things and I don’t think it is an overstatement to say that he has helped me have a new, improved and calmer outlook on my very busy life.
Have I lost weight? Yes, but not loads – 9lbs. Another stone to go. But I am really pleased with the progress and I know that the lessons I have learnt will help me lose more in the future (providing I keep my food diaries!). In truth, the other lessons have been far more important.
I would recommend Mark to friends and family. The spend out for me, even in these tough times, has been worth it.”

Megan Jenkins, Cardiff

“I saw Mark with the hope of conquering my battle with my weight. He was easy to talk to & had a very matter of fact approach to the issue that made it seem simplicity itself! Why then had I been trying for over 30 years? He established that my sub conscious was playing cruel tricks on me, made me aware of them & gave me the tools to take control myself. Empowering is too simple a description! He provided support through a family crisis & treated me as a whole, not just my warped relationship with food. The result is that 8 weeks on I am over a stone lighter, almost 2 dress sizes smaller & do not feel like I have even been on a diet. I can eat what I want but it is now an informed decision. For the first time I am in control & loving it!! I actually feel like I’m on the start of a journey & it doesn’t seem like a daunting prospect. Many thanks for giving me back my life!”

Julie White, Penarth

“I saw Mark six months ago for help to stop smoking. I used to smoke about 20 a day and had tried just about everything in the previous 10 years without success. After just one session I quit and can honestly say I haven’t wanted a cigarette since. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to stop smoking. Best £90 I ever spent.”

Elaine Morgan, Cardiff

“Throughout my Hypnoband sessions Mark has been brilliant, and to know his support is still there even after my sessions are finished is invaluable. He gave me a great insight into my dieting mind-set, my behaviour towards food and just as importantly for me the way close family deal with and affect my relationship with food. I have lost just over a stone so far but more valuable than the weight loss is my changed mind-set to now being able to eat to live rather than live to eat!!! Mark made me feel totally at ease and has a genuine desire to help you. I would recommend him to anyone trying to gain a healthy relationship with food.”

Donna, Pembrokeshire

“Very satisfied customer. Lost 2 stone in a couple of months and still going. Feeling good. Would recommend and have recommended.
Thank you.”

Mary Williams, Carmarthen

“For several years I experienced recurring anxiety issues related to my work which caused me to feel sick and panicky, disrupted my sleep pattern and made me feel completely exhausted to the point where I began to worry about my physical well-being.
I was aware that these problems stemmed from a lack of self-confidence with regard to my working life, and had a good idea about the source of this lack of self-esteem, but my sessions with Mark helped me to ‘unpack’ the root of my problem, changing my thinking towards it in a way I hadn’t been able to manage on my own, helping me to move forward with renewed confidence in my abilities.
The sessions first and foremost helped me to approach my problem rationally and get a sense of perspective on its causes; this in turn relaxed me, calming me down to the point where I could address the issue effectively without succumbing to the downward spiral of fear, procrastination and panic.
I feel very much calmer and able to cope, and my sleeping pattern has greatly improved, which in itself yields huge benefits.
I had never experienced hypnotherapy before, but knew that I did not want to go to my GP and possibly be prescribed anti-depressants or sleeping tablets which would just ‘mask’ the symptoms rather than deal with the cause. Completely exasperated with my inability to ‘let go’ of damaging past experiences or allow myself to view the situation with a sense of proportion, I felt I had nothing to lose in trying hypnotherapy; as it turned out, I had everything to gain.
I found Mark to be a highly professional gentleman who had the ability to very quickly put me completely at ease, allowing an open and easy discussion of the issues involved, which I found to be incredibly helpful in itself.
He is insightful, listening with great attention, and when it was relevant to link something I mentioned to a comment I had made weeks earlier, he could recall details of our conversations to highlight these links and allow me draw helpful conclusions.
He tailored the sessions thoughtfully to deal with the several different aspects of my problem using a number of techniques that combined to provide a solution which really does seem to be working.
He carefully explained all the processes he would be using, and was very patient and unhurried – a no point did I feel rushed or unable to mention something else I had thought of….in fact, I’ll rather miss our conversations! If you are new to hypnotherapy like I was and are nervy or unsure about it, don’t be; with Mark, you will be in safe hands, and I have no reservations in recommending him to you.”

A Evans, Cardiff

“I visited Mark 10 days ago for my 1st session of Hypno Band Therapy. I was made to feel very welcome straight away and totally comfortable in his presence as i didn’t have a clue what to expect. I was absolutely amazed to find that since that session just 10 days ago that i have lost 7lb!! My favourite ‘Chocolate bars’ are now non existent and i have had no urge whatsoever to snack between meals, and portion sizes are much smaller. My attitude to food has totally changed for the better, no fancy diet foods or shakes just cut down on portion sizes and the snacking that’s all!! I would totally recommend Mark Mansfield i look forward to my 2nd session in a week.”

Jayne, Llangadog

“Really good- had a few sessions with Mark and I feel so less stressed. Hoping in the New Year Mark will help me stop smoking.”

Michelle Hann, Carmarthen

“Thank you Mark, a patient listener, extremely professional with practical information and weight loss tips.The Hypno Band is a revelation in the way to lose weight. A stone and counting, I will continue to use all the information I have learnt, to continue my weight loss. Highly recommend.”

Quae Chorley, Carmarthenshire

“I cannot express how grateful and happier I am since visiting mark a couple of months ago to have a “hypnoband” fitted… I have lost 16lbs in 12 wks. I wasn’t way over weight but was starting to have a love hate relationship with food… and it was getting out of control…. I know have a completley different attitude towards food and am reaping the benifits…. a great guy who was very laid back and made you feel very comfortable and at ease…. highly recommended.”

Angie Callan, Pembroke

“I visited Mark with problems relating to insomnia. I received no real assistance via GP route and thought, “I may as well give this a go”. Having never been to a hypnotherapist before, I did not know quite what to expect. I was overwhelmingly surprised by the whole experience. In this mad rush of a world we live in, Mark provides 2 very rare and special services which are not listed. One is time, never once did I feel rushed…in fact quite the opposite. The other is the ability to really listen.He is able to establish rapport and empathy quickly which puts you at your ease and facilitates the rapid development of trust. He is open, honest, constructive, interesting and cannot fail to lift spirits in times of despair. I have gained many tools and techniques to assist with my insomnia and it continues to improve but you have to be willing to work at it. I would not hesitate revisit Mark in the future and to recommend him highly to any friends. I too think services such as this should be available via NHS. A session with Mark probably costs less, when fully costed, than a 10 min visit to a GP resulting in a prescribed medication.For a vast range of complaints, his service is better targeted, more relevent, more effective and longer lasting.”

Suzanne Ponting, Cardiff

“I went to see Mark Mansfield and I found him to be a sympathetic caring individual. He certainly made a difference to me and the way my mind works regarding food and why and what and when I eat. If I was looking for a better therapist in Pembrokeshire, I don’t think I would have found one. I would recommend him to anyone who is concerned about weight issues. The price charged for my course of treatments was fair and reasonable.”

C Davies, Pembrokeshire

“Early this year my enjoyment from playing golf dramatically reduced and negative thoughts were affecting the standard of play which I felt I was capable of. Having read a book called “Play Magic Golf” I decided I needed to work on the mental side of my game and sought local help. Mark’s experience with sports psychology was very re-assuring and after 3 sessions over the space of several months I have been playing some very good golf, am less self critical, I’m enjoying it and looking forward to new golfing challenges.”

Roger Handcock, Pembrokeshire

“2 stones lost in 10 weeks & still losing…
can’t say much more than that other than Mark is welcoming and even to a newby like me to hypno-therapy, mark put me instantly at ease.
Would definitely recommend.”

Kate John, Swansea

“I had Hypno-Band weight loss system, Mark Mansfield was very professional and put at my ease as soon as I met him. I have tried every diet going and managed to loose 61/2stone 2yrs ago using a well known meal replacement product, which I had managed to put 51/2stone back on. With Marks help I have managed to change my relationship with food & get to the root of my problem, I then had my “Hypno-Band” fitted, today I have had my final adjustments. This is all done under hypnosis which is very relaxing & in just under 6 weeks I have changed my lifestyle, eating & relationship with food, I have also lost 1stone 1lb.I am going to loose 6stone more to get to my correct for my height. If you are uncertain about phoning Mark do not hesitate any longer I wish I had done it before. Thank you Mark for all your help and the help you have offered in the future should I need it.”

Sue Barber, Pencader

“I saw Mark for the Hypnoband procedure. Despite a very close family bereavement occuring between my first and second session which then meant dealing with grief and huge upheaval – things that would generally have led me to comfort eat – thanks to Mark I have lost 2 stone in 10 weeks simply by following his advice. Since my first session I have continued to lose weight every week and through the procedure Mark has given me the tools to change my relationship with food and exercise in a way that I would never have never managed before despite these being extremely logical and obvious when pointed out. Mark is very professional and extremely easy to talk to. He is happy to speak to you if ever you have a wobble or question between sessions and, having just had my final session, he says I can call him at any point if I need to. I cannot recommend Mark and the procedure highly enough.”

Carol Peett , Milford Haven

“I contacted Mark a few months ago to help me with problems of not being able to sleep, anxiety, grief and over eating. Mark was very welcoming, very professional and is brilliant at what he does. He treats each person in a unique and individual way. I would highly recommend him and I am more than happy with my new positive outlook and my weightloss. Family and friends are amazed at the difference in me, thanks to Mark.”

Jennifer Hill, Pembroke Dock

“I attended sessions with Mark for the Hypnoband procedure. I am now over 12 weeks on since my first visit and have lost over 3 stone and still losing. My sessions with Mark were very professional, helpful and have made such a huge difference to me. I have a completely different attitude to food and eating and exercise. The Christmas period followed by a holiday is a difficult time for anyone but I have constantly used the tools given to lose weight and get nearer to the body shape I want to have. I cannot urge enough, if you are struggling to lose weight, contact Mark as he can really make a difference.”

C McAlpine, Lampeter

“I cannot recommend this service highly enough. I saw Mark for a course of sessions for anxiety/depression and feel his help and guidance has been invaluable.”

Amber Turner, Pembroke

“After some trepidation, I embarked on a 7 week course with Mark for problems with anxiety. I have been very impressed with the standard of professionalism and level of understanding throughout the treatment. Mark put me at ease immediately and is adept and intuitive at seeking root causes of personal anxiety, as well as providing practical knowledge and insight to help find reasons for – and answers to – problems. Highly recommended.”

Paul Rees, Neath

“I have only good things to say about my experience of hypnotherapy with Mark mansfield. It was extremely helpful to meas a therapy and I liked the way Mark works and his general demeanor was great.”

Biddy Wells, Llandysul

“An excellent experience all round. I went with an open mind and as someone completely new to hypnotherapy. Mark is extremely welcoming, professional and superb at what he does. I felt comfortable and confident during the sessions and have been able to apply the techniques he has taught me in my everyday life. I would highly recommend him and am very happy with the service provided!”

Sarah, Carmarthen

“I have suffered from sleep problems for some time now – a few years – and was getting fairly despondent about the options available. My life was run by it – always avoiding comittments in case I was too tired to fulfill them. A friend suggested I might try hypnotherapy and I was lucky to find Mark. I have had a series of 6 sessions and the difference is phenomenal. It is no “quick fix” but we have worked together – under his guidance – to a point where my problems have been transformed. I feel really confident that it will continue to get better.
Mark is a true professional and engenders faith from the start.”

Diane Griffiths, Newport

“Over a short course of hypnotherapy session, Mark help me lose weight and a year after the course, my weight consistently remains at my desired weight. A very enlightening experience; delivered by an exceptionally understanding and caring professional.”

Sarah, Pembrokeshire

“Mark is a hypnotherapist. I went to see him for issues related to anxiety and found him helpful, attentive and thorough. I felt very relaxed after working with him; and he provided me with useful strategies to help cope outside of his sessions.”

Louise Osborn, Cardiff

“ Anyone wishing to lose weight can not do better than to book a few hypnotherapy sessions with Mark Mansfield. I had an urge to consume nuts and biscuits which obviously did not help my waistline. Mark, through his therapy sessions instilled in me the belief that I could do without these nibbles and thus enabled me to lose weight. He has a confident demeanour which I’m sure rubs off on to his clients – it certainly did with me.”

Steve Allwright, Cardiff